New Tardy Policy Institutes Harsher Consequences

Cameron Wilson, Reporter

Students are now only allowed four tardies per semester before a fifth tardy puts students in ISS for a whole day. 

Previously, lunch detention was the consequence for excessive tardies, but it was not working.

“I don’t think a lunch detention makes much of a deterrent,” Assistant Principal Paul Weinheimer said. “We’re preparing you for life. Imagine you have a job. The fourth time you’re tardy, you may not have that job anymore. It’s the behavior that helps us be successful in life.” 

Many people have mixed feelings about the new policy, as some believe it’s too harsh, while others believe it’s fair.

“Considering some people, like myself, have to go from one end of the school all the way up which takes all 4 minutes, we have to get to our next class and that isn’t even including hallway traffic,” sophomore Errian Young said. “Punishing people who can’t control the way their schedule is set up and how many people are in the halls won’t solve anything.” 

Students have four minutes in between classes to get to their next period, and most teachers give students some extra time to enter their class if they’re not too far away.

“I think it’s fair, because most students make it on time,” chemistry teacher Carl Ghering said. “We understand some students have to go, and we have some leniency,” Ghering said.