Multiple Badgers Place at State Track Meet

Tyler Garcia, Reporter

“I feel very honored knowing I was able to compete with the guys I love in a state meet.””

— Senior Brady Carroll

On May 10 and 11 the boys 4×4 relay team, 4×2 relay team and individual 300 meter hurdles contenders, junior Cameron Everts and sophomore Ace Whitehead, competed in the state track meet at the University of Texas at Austin. Everts placed first in the 300 meter hurdles and Whitehead placed fifth. The relay team placed second.

“It was truly a great experience,” Everts said. “It feels good knowing how much work my teammates and I put in and how hard we pushed each other. I’m grateful for every opportunity that I was given that helped me get to where I am today. Our athletic program is really a special thing.”

Whitehead competed in the 300 meter hurdles race alongside Everts.

“It was really special,” Whitehead said. “Running at night there was unreal and the energy in the stadium was awesome. I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given to compete and experience it all.”

The boys 4×4 relay team consisted of senior Luke Palacios, senior Brady Carroll, Everts and Whitehead.

“I didn’t really think much while I was running,” Carroll said. “I just knew what I had to do for my team. I feel very honored knowing I was able to compete with the guys I love in a state meet. I am proud of our 4×4 and 4×2 teams and that I was so lucky to be apart of it. I am really going to miss it.”

The boys 4×2 relay team that also competed consisted of senior Dylan Alpha, Palacios, Carroll, and Everts. The relay team was disqualified from the race after dropping the baton.

“It was a new experience for me, ” Alpha said. “I’ll never forget how hard we all worked to get there and how hard we competed when we went. Of course it didn’t feel to good when we got disqualified, but I’m glad I was able to participate in such an event.”

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