Badger Theatre’s Variety Show: Colorful, Exciting, Nostalgic

Broadway Musical Show Excites Audience

Janice Hanson, Online Editor

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Colorful, exciting and nostalgic are three words that describe Badger Theatre’s Variety Show. The troupe put together a timeline of Broadway shows, spanning from the 1400’s to the 2010’s. Seniors Eric Flores and Owen Davis hosted the show and provided entertainment between acts.

Broadway musical fans would find it fairly easy to recognize each song. The opening number featured the entire cast dancing along to “A Musical” from the hit show Something Rotten! The opener was the perfect song to set the Broadway theme and display just how close the actors have become over the year.

The show offered two types of performances: light hearted group performances and more dramatic solos. By alternating between solos and group performances, the crowd was constantly entertained by the changes in tone, era and musical.

One of the highlights of the night was a solo performed by Eric Flores, who sang a ballad from the show Jersey Boys to his girlfriend, junior Jaci Palmer. The short song acted as a sweet intermission. This segment stood out from the rest because instead of singing on stage, Flores serenaded Palmer at her seat, guided by a spotlight. The crowd seemed to enjoy the sweet moment between two young lovers.

Along with Flores’ ballad, there was another stand-out performance. Senior Cory Neville, senior Colton Webb, junior Joel Allen and sophomore Cole Wheeler stunned the crowd with “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” from Rock of Ages. Instead of using pre-recorded music from the soundtrack, Neville and Allen surprised the crowd with their musical skills.The pair accompanied Wheeler and Webb’s singing with guitar music and even a guitar solo from Allen. The combination of live guitar and four excited teenage boys made for an interesting and surprising spectacle.

At the end of the night, the show closed with a heartwarming song performed by four senior girls. Senior theatre officers McKenzie Peacock, McKenzie McLendon, Melanie Burbey and Amy Figurski have been in theatre all four years of high school and became important parts of the program. To celebrate their final performance together, the group sang “For Good”, a nostalgic song from the musical Wicked. The song touched on the importance of friendship and life-altering connections. The song was a perfect note to end on.

Overall, the Lampasas Theatre Company’s first ever variety show was one to remember. The whole show felt sincere and from the heart. By watching the group perform together, the crowd got an idea of what it felt like to be a part of their family. Every song was chosen with meaning and every actor and actress genuinely wanted to be there. The first show was a hit, hopefully it creates a tradition that will bring joy to later classes.