Flames, Dance Classes to Perform Spring Show Saturday


Lexi Moreland, Reporter

The Flames drill team and the dance classes will  perform their annual Spring Show in the cafetorium Saturday at 7 p.m.

“The class has been working on our dances for about a month now,” freshman Lilly Brady said. “We are extremely proud of our dancers and Flames.”

The Spring Show theme is ‘more than words’.

“The theme is about how dancers move their bodies,” dance and Flames instructor Shelby Hodnett said. “Dancers don’t speak words but talk through the language of dance and that is what I mean by ‘more than words.’”

This is the second  performance of the year by the dance classes, and according to many they are very excited.

“I’m really nervous about our dances,” Brady said. “Though I am also really excited for the show.”

The Flames will perform  two of their competition dances at the showcase.

“In 8th period Flames class, all the girls are extremely focused on cleaning our routines,” freshman Flame Jara Craig said. “We are all nervous but excited for the upcoming show.”

Some of the girls are showcasing in many different dances and routines.

“Spring Show for me is very stressful in general, especially with as many dances as I am in,” freshman Flame Christina Dobbertin said. “I practice at home or anytime I can, honestly.”

Many girls have said they are stressed and upset about this being the last show of the year.

“This being the last show makes it a lot harder,” Dobbertin said. “The team along with myself want to make this the best one of the year.”

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