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Library Offers Free Mental Health Ebooks to Students

Katelyn Terry, Editor-In-Chief

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The LHS library recently adopted a group of ebooks called Cameron’s Collection available for all students, faculty and parents which address themes of mental illness specific to teenagers. The collection features topics such as depression, bullying, anxiety and much more.

“Mental health is an increasingly critical issue today that affects not just adults, but also teens,” librarian Shelly Myers said. “And teens’ overall well-being is critically important to all of us, or none of us would be here. We realize that middle school and high school are formative years, and can be challenging for both teens and their parents.”

This collection of ebooks belongs to an organization called the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, which was created in honor of teenager Cameron Gallagher, a sixteen-year-old girl who planned to create a 5k race to raise awareness for teen depression. Gallagher unexpectedly died from heart failure after running a half-marathon before she was able to complete this goal.

“[The Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation] is a non-profit organization focusing on raising awareness of and helping teens with mental health issues,” Myers said. “I think it’s so important to know who Cameron herself was, and her story, and how one teen’s passion is still impacting other teens in need today.”

The books are accessible 24/7, and all access is anonymous due to the same username and password being used to log in.

“Adults working with teens often see students struggling, and worry about them when they won’t ask for help, either out of shyness or embarrassment, or because they think they would be bothering someone,” Myers said. “These books provide a means for students to read up on issues with which they may be struggling. And best of all, these books are accessible 24/7, and all access is anonymous since we all use the same username and password to log in.”

Cameron’s Collection offers not only information on the issues many students today face, but advice to teenagers on how to stay positive.


“What I like best about Cameron’s Collection is that in addition to mental health topics such as stress, homelessness and depression, it also includes books that encourage pursuing health and happiness (i.e. The Happiness Choice and Yoga), as well as an entire series on how teens can help their friends with specific mental health issues.”

Myers said that she hopes by offering Cameron’s Collection, students will feel more comfortable addressing these issues.

“We’re hoping that by offering our students access to these ebooks, they will realize that they are not alone in the struggles and emotions they are experiencing, and that it’s not only okay to ask for help, but encouraged,” Myers said. “We hope that our students will take comfort in knowing there’s always a resource at their fingertips, and that we care enough about their well-being to invest in this resource.”


Anyone (students, staff, and/or parents) can access Cameron’s Collection through the LHS and LMS Library webpage or by simply scanning the QR code on the posters and flyers around campus. If you’re off campus, you’ll be asked for a username (j141901) and password (learn).