Life Skills Student Runs in The Hundred Meter Special Race


Chris Ybarra, Photo Editor

Life skills student Phillip Hallahan smiles with his medal after running The Hundred Meter Special Race at the Burnet track meet on March 21.

Lexi Moreland, Reporter

Life skills student Phillip Hallahan lined up as the race was about to start. Lampasas and surrounding teams sat on the sidelines and cheered.

On March 21, Burnet held a track meet with a race known as The Hundred Meter Special Race. This allowed special needs kids including our Badger Hallahan to run in a hundred meter race.

“I think it’s really awesome,” life skills teacher Rebecca Veroneau said. “I’d love if in the future Lampasas offered this too.”

Many of the students said that they enjoyed the race. Everyone competing in this specific race earned a medal at the end.

“Phillip came to school the next day wearing his medal,” Veroneau said. “He walked in with a macho attitude and had a good day all that day.”

Burnet has a Partners In P.E. program. This is the program that helped set up the race and lined up with the special needs students before the race began.

“I was actually very surprised by the reaction of the new school,” Stacy Martin, who works with Partners in P.E, said. “Lampasas lined up on the sidelines and cheered the teams on the entire race.”

Veroneau and many other teachers and students would love if Lampasas would put in an event like this at home meets, because they said it gives opportunities and allows everyone an equal chance.

Hallahan said the experience was awesome, he felt good about it and he would love to do it again.

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