BBQ Team to Compete at State Meet

Austin Hilgenberg, Reporter

With their aprons tied tight, hats on straight and gloves fully on their hands, the BBQ team took third place at the Regional competition on Feb. 22-23 in Fort Worth. The State competition will be held May 3-4 at Burnet.

“It was really fun and exciting,” junior Taylor Davis said. “We prepare our meals and practice a lot through Chef’s class and through the day. I am pretty confident our team will do good and place at the State meet.”

The team will compete in another Regional meet at Comfort April 12-13 to prepare for State.

“For state, we are trying to make a rug that will blow Burnet’s out of the water,” Davis said.

At the Comfort meet the team will focus on how long they smoke the brisket and what desserts to make.

“We made a good dessert at the Fort Worth invitational meet,” junior Kailey Brokett said. “We cooked doughnut bread pudding. We used French bread eggs, white chocolate chips, sugar, brown sugar cinnamon and nutmeg to make the dessert.”

Each team member has a specific role in making it to the finals and to win the competition. Antonio Barbarrow is in charge of the ribs, Taylor Davis is in charge of the brisket, Ray Cimmino is in charge of beans and Brayden Martin is in charge of dessert.

“Meets can get pretty competitive,” Brayden Martin said. “During the dessert part we are timed and it has to be just right. The doughnut banana pudding we made at the Fort Worth meet was really good and people liked it. What I like most about competitions is the competition and talking to the other schools. The schools are usually pretty chill and are a lot of fun to talk to. It’s always nice to meet new people.”