Open Campus Solution

Students Should Have Option to Eat Lunch Off Campus

Skyler Oatman, Reporter

One of the most common rules broken at Lampasas High School is going off campus for lunch. Although many students believe they should be allowed to leave for lunch, it is currently prohibited.

Because so many students leave for lunch anyway, off-campus lunch should become allowed.

Some argue there are issues that will arise from allowing students to leave campus for lunch, but there are solutions for those issues.

One foreseen problem is the federal funding the school receives for lunch. The school receives federal funding for students eating lunch in the cafeteria on free and reduced lunch.

Students would like to receive the freedom and ability to go eat out at places like Storms, Taco Bell, Sonic, Subway, and many more of the nearby locations. Some administrators say students will not make it back in time for class to start.

One solution that will maintain school funding and ensure students have the needed time to make it back to class after eating is taking advantage of the time used for academic period and removing that period on Fridays to extend lunchtime so students have the opportunity to feel that freedom at least once a week.

With the freedom of leaving for lunch, students can use the time to study with friends in a less stressful atmosphere. This would also allow students to be more prepared for the future as it shows them what it is like to leave for a lunch break and make it back in time for their job or class to continue. Therefore, open campus lunch should be allowed.

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