Red Ribbon Week fun

Badgers encourage drug free lives through costumes

Daunte Cuffie, Reporter

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In order to prevent students from doing drugs, the school held Red Ribbon Week from Monday Oct. 29 to Friday Nov. 2. The school holds Red Ribbon Week to provide awareness to all students of all ages that drugs are bad, and gives the students a chance to have a fun time with costumes while also spreading the message.

To start off the week, the theme of the day was Pajama Day and the students could wear their pajamas to school because “drugs will ruin dreams.”

Tuesday was Character Day to keep students from “changing their character.”

Junior Angelina Smith dressed up in her Minnie Mouse outfit to dress as her favorite fictional character.

“The school did a good job with how they organized and set up the Drug Free Week,” Smith said. “It is always more fun when many students dress up to keep the school spirit going.”

For the third day, the theme was to dress up in a Halloween costume because “drugs are spooky.”

Freshman Lydia Breuer dressed up as an elf for the day.

¨Drugs are bad for everyone,¨ Breuer said. ¨I think it is really cool that the school has the Drug Free week, and it is fun.¨

On Thursday, students dressed up as an elderly person because “drugs are old school,” and Junior David Neary said that it is interesting and helpful for the students.

“I am glad the school spreads awareness,” Neary said. “It helps show all of the kids that drugs are very bad.”

Senior Monica Garza also dressed as an elderly person on Thursday.

¨I love dressing up at school to show some school spirit,¨ Garza said. ¨It is always awesome when everyone participates, I love seeing what everyone does and how far they go with their costumes.¨

To finish off the week, the school had Battle of Classes to “team up against drugs.” Each graduating class had their own specific color providing each class to work together as a whole to show off that they have the most school spirit.

Freshmen wore orange, sophomores wore green, juniors wore blue, and seniors wore black.