Link Crew Hosts Academic Period Party For Freshmen To Celebrate End Of First Quarter


Chris Ybarra, Photo Editor

Freshman Emma Goodart grabs some snacks with friends during the Link Crew celebration Nov. 13.

Chris Ybarra, Photo Editor

The end of their second nine-weeks of high school is right around the corner for the class of 2022.  The Link Crew threw a party to celebrate this landmark, complete with music, dancing and snacks. Coach Paul Weinheimer also was present, directing the event and rewarding them with the party.

¨It feels like a big weight off my chest,” said freshman Lily Strickland. ¨I’m also a little scared, though, because it means I’m getting older. Soon enough, I’ll already be graduating. The thought of moving up in the high school also feels good because it means I won’t get picked on for being a freshman anymore.”

The first nine-weeks has held a number of extracurricular events, including the football, volleyball, cross-country and tennis seasons. Basketball, soccer and girl’s powerlifting have also began. Other events, such as band competition, UIL Academics, the PSAT and the first grading period have also began.

“It’s not as stressful as I thought it would be,”said freshman April Smith. “Everyone’s really helped me figure out stuff around here. I’m honestly not really sure what to expect in the future, though.”

Other students, however, do not appear to be as confident with the nine-weeks.

“It’s been good, but it’s also been pretty rough,” said freshman Caden Thrift.

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