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Seniors perform together at pep rally

Isabel Rafael , Reporter

At last week’s pep rally the students dedicated a special skit for the Seniors that will soon be leaving LHS. It was an emotional time saying our final goodbyes to the Seniors.

The pep rally started off with the band playing and the cheerleaders welcoming the crowd, but soon turned into an unforgettable time for the Seniors.

Each group had a special skit or dance for the seniors on the team. The Cheer team dedicated a special performance honoring the six senior cheerleaders on the team. As for the Flames performance, the five Seniors on the team held a surprise dance, as well as the colorguard seniors.  

For Senior Adrianna Sanchez, who is part of the Flames, thought it was a special moment for the seniors performing.

“It was really fun to try all the other stuff involved in the pep rally, such as cheer and the colorguard,” Sanchez said. “Plus being part of it made it even more memorable.”

At the end of Color Guards performance all two teams, The Flames and the cheer seniors, came out onto the court and joined the Colorguard Seniors in the Senior Skit. They involved each of the team’s abilities in one performance.

Colorguard Senior Kelly Ruperto felt this created another great memorable moment for her senior class.

“When performing it was an indescribable moment, knowing that this was one of our last time performing together,” Ruperto said. “It was a bittersweet moment, seeing all the Seniors performing together and creating unforgettable moments.”

It all came together and was a memorable performance. This years Senior pep rally theme was High School Musical , and the Cheers performance had the movies music playing in the background while they performed. It all transitioned into the grand performance of the Senior Skit.

Like every year the Senior Skit was a great experience not just for the Seniors performing, but for the Seniors watching.

“It was kinda sad knowing that we are finally leaving high school, but excited to start new adventures,” Vanesa Araiza said. “Overall it was one out of the many memories I have made here at LHS.”

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