Seniors Say Goodbye

Class of 2019 shares mixed emotions about final game at Badger Stadium


Isabel Rafael, Reporter

The Badger football team runs onto the field for the last game at Badger Stadium in 2018. The Badgers beat the Billies 49-47.

Grace Stivers, Reporter

Though the football season continues into playoffs, it is the last time the class of 2019 will be at Badger Stadium until graduation. Many seniors had mixed feelings for their last game on November 9, 2018.  

“It really hasn’t hit me yet knowing that it was my last home game,” senior Dylan Kannan said. “But I’m glad the way the night turned out.”

The student section was filled, though temperatures were low. Many of the Seniors were sad for it to be their last time cheering in the home section.

“It was a great way to close the season” senior Ray Cimino said. “I’m sad to see it go but glad I got to spend my last senior home game in the student section with my friends.”

Seniors, such as Kaleb Hess, that did not participate in football, hate to see the season go, but are looking forward to the upcoming sport seasons.

“I’m bummed out that it was our last home game,” Hess said. “But then again that means there are only two more main sports seasons until I graduate.”

This year’s student section made an impact on not only the school, but also the game. Students were much more involved. Especially the seniors.

“It feels bittersweet,” senior Cheyenne Vessels said. “I loved having my Friday night lights at Badger Stadium and I couldn’t have asked to be a part of a better student section. Watching our boys for the last time at home was a sad thought, but knowing the season isn’t over makes up for it.”

Senior Jon Davis has helped Kenna Whitehead get more involved into the Badger Den, and change the way students cheer on the game.

“It’s a sad feeling,” Davis said. “But it’s a good feeling knowing that our class has changed the Badger football program and the student section for the better.”

The football program has a lot to look forward to going into the playoff. Even though they’ve played their last game at Badger Stadium.

“It’s bittersweet knowing that it’s my last time playing at Badger Stadium with this team,” senior Asiel Gary said. “Even though it was our last home game, we still have a lot ahead of us because we aren’t done yet.”