Parker To Serve As Interim Principal Until Replacement Hired

Chris Ybarra, Photo Editor

We’ve all pulled together as a team. The high school can not be run by just one person. It takes a whole team of what I call ‘We.’”

— Dick Parker, Interim Principal

On the week of Oct. 9, attendance director Dick Parker became the interim principal of the school. Parker has worked in a school setting and an administrative setting and has experience under his belt.   

“Working in education is a lot like drinking from a fire hydrant,” Parker said. “Everything just comes at you that fast, especially the principal position. But it’s also rewarding and exciting because I love working with our highschool kids.”

Parker has worked in education for 55 years, 25 of those being with LISD and has served as an interim principal three times.  He will serve as the interim principal for LHS until the school board hires a new permanent principal.

“I’ve served as an interim principal on two separate occasions, one in 2003 and one in 2005,” Parker said. “The difference is that technology has changed so much after serving those two times. Now, technology has just exploded and I’m technologically challenged anyways. But the kids are the same. We still have concerned and great kids here in Lampasas.”

As of now, there are no reported changes to be expected at the school. Parker says that with the help of the teaching staff, counselors, aids and office staff, his sudden shift to the position as interim principal has been quite easy. Parker also credits the team work and community that he believes is crucial in a school.

“We’ve all pulled together as a team,” Parker said. “The high school can not be run by just one person. It takes a whole team of what I call ‘We’. ‘We’ includes you, me and everyone else in the school. That’s my word, ‘we’.”

The recent vacancy of the permanent principal position has caused fears of unknown futures and the thought of changes to how the school runs. Parker has said, however, that the school has been and should continue running smoothly.

“I hope that Dr.Rascoe, and the board, and the teaching staff secures someone who is interested in becoming the principal, who is interested in Lampasas, who wants to be here and who likes our kids,” Parker said. “ Everything extracurricular about the school has been going well, so in my own words, I say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

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