Fall Fashion

New Season, New Fashion

Celie Price, Advertisement Manager

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When people think of fall fashion a few things may come to mind: UGG boots, leggings and scarves. While all of those things are nice, comfy and seasonally appropriate, the change of weather gives us a lot more options to work with. During summer, people are mostly limited to clothes like shorts and short-sleeved tops, and because of this, many get excited for cooler weather so they have a change of wardrobe. Here are some items to stay warm and cozy while also looking trendy all season long:


  • Doc Martens

Although wearable year-round, these chunky boots are a fall staple. Contrary to popular belief, these shoes aren’t just for “alternative” kids who wear black every day. They are very versatile, and can be styled to fit anyone’s fashion sense.


  • Windbreakers

With all the intense rain and flooding we’ve seen in the past few weeks, it’s safe to say that windbreakers are a good idea. Whether it’s plain and solid-colored or patterned and colorful, these jackets adds a cute, vintage look to any outfit.


  • Cardigans

Even though it’s fall, it can sometimes feel more like winter. Whether it’s a little chilly or freezing outside, a cardigan is always a good way to keep warm. Not only is it like wearing a blanket, but a cardigan also adds a nice touch to any outfit.


  • Rain boots

Considering the current weather, it’s a good idea to avoid any shoes that can get dirty easily, especially at football games, when the ground is very muddy. Rain boots are a good item to keep in your closet whenever you’re expecting to face a bit of downpour.


  • Oversized sweaters/jumpers

Who doesn’t love wearing these? Whenever you feel lazy, a big sweater or jumper is always a go- to, but you don’t just have to wear them as pajamas. Mom jeans, leggings, and even skirts if the weather is right, can turn your leisurewear into a fashion statement.