Badgers Bundle Up

Students Struggle To Arrive On Time Due To Rainstorm, Cold Front

Lexi Moreland and Tyler Garcia

Lampasas got its first cold front of this school year on Oct. 15, along with a huge rainstorm to go with it. Temperatures reached into the 40s. This cold weather caused many people to bring out their biggest jackets and sweaters to help from freezing outside.

Some low water crossings flooded and some students could not leave their homes since that was their way out of their own neighborhoods. Other students were late to school because the weather had slowed them down or they had to change routes.

“I live in Lometa where I’m surrounded by three different water crossings,” senior Austin Caylor said. “They had flooded so bad to the point that I couldn’t get my car through them, which ended up in me missing three whole days of school since I could not get out. It affected my grades too. I had a lot of makeup papers to do, and a couple of projects that were put in the gradebook as zeros. Though I was able to get the grades fixed so it all worked out just fine.”

Tardies were not entered for students coming late into first period Oct. 16-19.

“I’ve had to drive slow because of the weather all this week, and thanks to this, I have been late to first period all week,” junior Jason Andrews said. “It does have an affect on my driving, but I’m still good– just have to stay cautious when I am driving around town.”

Traffic has been bad because the roads are slippery. People have needed to be extra careful not to hydroplane and get into wrecks, especially on the main roads leading up to the high school.  

“Luckily I have yet to be late due to the bad weather and flooding,” sophomore Ashley Harrell said. “I know many people who have been late along with many of my friends.”

With the low temperatures and all the clouds everything has been slower, including the classes. The weather is actually making the students more tired than they normally are, and making it a lot harder to focus on the schoolwork put in front of them.

“If anything, this weather makes me feel more tired and less motivated,” senior Monica Garza said.“Thus increasing my procrastination even more.”

Some students are excited about the season change.

“I have been loving the cold weather!” sophomore Kaitlin Arnold said. “Sweater weather is always the best in my own opinion!”

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