Freshman Playing On Varsity Volleyball Team

Jordan Plummer

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Hustle, hit, and never quit. These five words are Juliana Dwamena’s truths. Dwamena had the opportunity this year to be on the varsity volleyball team, and as a freshman.

“I love being able to have the opportunity to prove myself and I can only hope to live up to the expectations,” Dwamena said.

Juliana is held to a higher expectation than the upperclassmen on the team,

having been talked about amongst all the coaches and captains and is seen as a wonder

child. With 47 kills, 22 block solos and 26 block triples so far this year, Dwamena is already showing an intriguing amount of potential for the seasons to come.

“So far, we have taken a couple of losses, but as a team, we have learned a lot

from each other and I believe that it outweighs those setbacks,” Dwamena said. ¨Hopefully, our

Lampasas volleyball team is on their way to the playoffs.”

As Dwamena gets used to the team,  she is inspired by some of the upperclassmen.

“I really enjoy working with all the girls on the team, and getting the valuable

experience,” she said.  “I believe that we have all grown a lot this year. I couldn’t be

more proud in the relationships and sportsmanship that we have built together.¨

Dwamena is especially inspired by her team captain.

“I look up to Senior Sena Kucukkarca, who wears the  number nine on the team, because just like me, Sena made varsity her freshman year as a hitter, and now, as a senior, she’s the team’s captain,” Dwamena said.