Badger Basketball Prepares To Begin Season

Jett Bramon

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I move with heart, jump with passion and dribble with obsession of the sport.”

— freshman Quinn Pace

Basketball season is coming close, and the players are working and giving effort to play their best by the time the season starts. The first after school practice is Oct. 24.

Freshman Quinn Pace is excited for the season.

“I am looking forward to putting on the Lampasas High school jersey for the first time,” Pace said. “I can’t wait to run out on the court and finally feel that overwhelming sense of belonging.”

Everyone trying out has been working hard, and excited to stand out from the other teams in the district.

“I move with heart, jump with passion and dribble with obsession of the sport,” Pace said. “That’s what makes me different, my love for the game of basketball.”

The student athletes, like junior Jaylon Porter, have been staying after school, working on getting stronger, faster, and more skilled than their opponents. The players are ready and eager to get out on the court, but in order to be well prepared, they must all put forward their best effort to ensure they express every bit of potential come game time.

“It is tough getting ready for basketball because of football,” Porter said. “But anytime I have the chance to dribble a ball, or get some shots up, I never hesitate. Critiquing and perfecting my game is the most important thing to me.”

The Badgers competitive nature always pushes them to strive for more, and work harder than everyone else. When coach calls their name to get out to the court, it is very important for them to know their role. A well put together basketball team is almost unstoppable. Everyone has to know where they are supposed to be, and what they should be doing.

“I play to my strengths,” sophomore Jacob Hogeda said, “And my strength is the ability to shoot the ball, my job is to always be looking for a potential shot, and that’s easiest to do when I stay out on the wing.”