A Whole New World

Senior Plays First Lead Role As Ariel In The Little Mermaid

Isabel Rafael , Reporter

As the stage lights rose and the curtains opened, Mackenzie Mclendon calmed her nerves and prepared herself to sing. She stared into the audience and saw familiar faces. The nerves came back. She shook those thoughts out, though, and began to sing.
The children’s classic musical The Little Mermaid was brought to life by the advanced theatre class. Senior Mackenzie Mclendon played the main role of Ariel.
“I’ve been in theatre for a long time and I knew I had to work for the role,” Mclendon said. “It didn’t just get handed to me. I knew if I kept on practicing, then there was a good chance I’d get the role. It was kind of weird ‘cause I’ve never been the lead, but it was also very exciting. I got to show my love for theatre through the character.”
Mclendon has been in theatre since her freshman year, and has been in multiple plays including Treasure Island, Peter Pan, and many more. Apart from The Little Mermaid, Mclendon has been in one other musical, Willy Wonka, but this has been her official big role.
“Its kind of different then the rest of the plays I’ve been in,” Mclendon said. “It’s sort of different  how the show and the cast depend on me, but it’s like every show we do: we all kind of rely on one another.”
Apart from theatre, Mclendon is a Varsity Cheerleader, so managing time was a little more difficult. Being the lead role, the rest of the cast depended on her in order for the show to go on.
“It’s hard at first to manage time, but once you get in the groove of everything it’s easier to manage.” says Mclendon
Theatre has impacted Mclendon’s high school career in a good way. She says that it has  helped her become more comfortable speaking in front of others and she is able to express herself better than in the past.
“On stage you’re just the character and no one judges you,” Mclendon said.“Theatre has had a huge impact on my life and it’s even given me a family to come back and rely on.”

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