Celebrating Seniors

Homecoming Parade, Pep Rally Bring Community Together


Isabel Rafael, Reporter

Assistant principal Joey McQueen speaks to seniors at Badger Stadium during the senior ceremony pep rally on Sept. 26.

Isabel Rafael, Reporter

Sept. 24-28  was Homecoming Week. On Wednesday the Homecoming Parade took place. Everyone lined up in downtown Lampasas to see the parade pass by. Then they would move on to Badger Stadium to see who this years Homecoming Court was, along with this years LHS Seniors.

The Homecoming Parade included the color guard team, band, Varsity and JV cheerleaders, the Varsity, JV and Freshmen football teams to name a few high school groups represented. Throughout the parade there were other floats, including the Kline Whitis Elementary School, Spring Ho’s winning contestants, high school trainers and the Homecoming Court.

Student Council sponsor Nathaniel Brayton thinks it went very well and was an extremely amazing night for the Badgers.

“I think it went extremely well,” Brayton said. “This was actually my first year watching the parade and being at the pep rally. I think everybody did an excellent job, especially Monica and Eric. They were great.”

After the Homecoming Parade, people went to Badger Stadium where Student Body President Eric Flores introduced the Homecoming Court and held the Seniors Ceremony pep rally of releasing balloons into the air.

“It was a lot more than being president and getting to speak in front of everybody,” Flores said. “Getting to ride through town waving at friends,family and members of our community meant a lot to me, and getting to be with my senior class on that field was an honor.”

Flores went on to be elected Homecoming King Friday. 

Many seniors agreed it was a night they would never forget.

“Getting to release the balloons at the pep rally was such an awesome experience,” senior Ethan Smith said. “We were surrounded by people that want us succeed and achieve our goals.”