Homecoming Court Shares Favorite High School Memories

Daunte Cuffie and Tyler Garcia

Presley Underwood

“When the cheer team made the National Championship in 2016”


Kamri Corbin

“When we made the playoffs in basketball.”


Katelin Kozma

“Probably when I went to Guatemala over the summer and saw all of the cool cultural architecture, colossal mountains and view different aspects of life.”

Amy Figurski

“All of the late night theater rehearsals and theater shenanigans.”

Qadir Tolliver

“My favorite high school memory is when our 2018 basketball team beat Liberty Hill at home.”

Landon Irvin

“Beating Burnet last year has to be my favorite high school memory.”

Dylan Kannon

“My favorite high school memory is when I got to see Landon Irvin dress up in a skirt for Homecoming.”

Giovani Bienbenu

“My favorite high school memory was last year when we beat Burnet in a great game.”

Asiel Gary

“My favorite high school memory was probably when we played Liberty Hill at home and ended up beating them. Which helped us clinch the teams’ playoff spot last year.”


Eric Flores, Monica Garza and Senna Kucukkarca are also on the Homecoming Court, but were unable to be reached to interview. Their favorite high school memories will be posted soon.