New TVs In Hall, Cafeteria Showcase Recent Activities


Daunte Cuffie, Reporter

Students look at a picture from a cross country meet as they walk by a new TV in the upstairs hallway. The new TVs display pictures and videos from recent events.

Daunte Cuffie and Isabel Rafael

Students stop and watch new TVs as they pass through the hallways. There are two TVs located in the cafeteria, one in the upstairs hallway, and another at the front of the school, so students are able to see what their peers are doing around the school.

Sophomore Cierra Gamez thinks the TVs are a good way to show how the students participate around the school.

“I don’t really watch that often, but here and there something will grab my attention,” Gamez said. “I’ll look up and see what has happened throughout the week whether it be a football game or pictures of students around the campus.”

Gamez thinks it was a good idea to add the TVs to the school, because they provide a look at what students are doing around the campus.

“I think they’re something that benefits the students,”sophomore Maddie Gates said. “It provides information and there are constant updates of what will happen or has happened throughout the week.”

Gates thinks it is a benefit to the students to have these new TVs .

Sophomore Connelly White says that he really enjoys seeing the TVs in the hallways each week when they show the football pictures.

“I think the TVs are real cool and fancy and that they show some important stuff,” White said. “I am glad that the school keeps adding new things to our school. It makes it more fun and interesting to walk through the hallways.”

Sophomore Ace Whitehead says that he loves keeping up with what the students are doing at the school, and looking at the TVs gives him the chance to see all the other sports and activities.

“The football players are always so busy that it’s hard to go watch the other sports, and with the TVs hanging up in the halls I can keep up with how everyone is doing,” Whitehead said. “I think we should add videos to the  TVs to show highlights of each sport or UIL event, and that would make the TVs even cooler.”

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