LHS Adjusts To Extra Period, Shorter Classes

Isabel Rafael , Reporter

This year there has been a change in the schedule at LHS. There are now nine class periods, including academic period, which means students have room in their schedule for an extra class. Due to the ninth class period, each class is 45 minutes and passing periods are 4 minutes.

For senior Kathleen Mantha, this doesn’t really affect her.

“Considering its an elective class for most it doesn’t matter,” Mantha said.  “It’s harder for the the freshmen in my opinion, considering they’re new to the campus.”

Mantha believes it makes it more challenging for the students to get to class considering there’s an even more limited amount of time.

Freshman Reya Lanford is someone affected by this extra class period.

“Coming from middle school, it was definitely confusing, because we had eight class periods and we were told differently on how many class periods we were going to have when we came to highschool,” Lanford said. “It was definitely different and a little challenging especially since I’m a freshman.”

This extra class period affects more than only students. History and world geography teacher Shea Moyer has neutral feelings towards this extra class period.

“I don’t necessarily like this change, but it is a good change,” Moyer said. “I think it’s a benefit for the students, but it is harder for me personally because this extra class period means more students and more grading, but like I said, it does have some benefits.”

Geometry teacher Patricia Bird likes this change.

“I like having this extra class period,” Bird said. “I feel as if I have more time to teach just a little bit more to the students. Also the students have more time to get their work and have more time to focus on school.”

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