Pursue: Word to Live By

Students and faculty plan ambitious goals for school year


Tyler Garcia, Reporter

Junior Cameron Everts, sophomore Olivia Zmolik and sophomore Niko walk through doors at the front of the school, where they see a daily reminder to pursue greatness.

Isabel Rafael and Tyler Garcia

As the new school year begins, the student council has chosen a word to represent the school. With the help of the student body, pursue was chosen, but what does pursue mean to the students and how will they pursue at LHS?

The word pursue is becoming a very powerful word to Principal Robert White.

“I interpret the word to be an inner drive or hunger to attain or achieve something,” White said. “It creates an insatiable appetite to move towards the goal. This year, I plan to pursue greater student success. I want to foster growth in all programs so that there is greater opportunities for our students.”

Assistant principal Duane Young has set goals to pursue this year as well.

“To me pursue means to strive for something that you once thought was unattainable,” Young said. “This year I will help the Lady Badger Powerlifting team pursue a Regional Championship.”

To senior, Elijah Rivera, pursue means to “put all your effort into something to accomplish your goal.”

Rivera wants to pursue academic goals as well as personal goals, and hopes to keep pursuing them throughout the rest of the school year.

Freshman, Daniel Triguero, who is new to the LHS campus, pursue means putting in extra effort.

“Being a freshman, I have to work hard so I can achieve my goals, and push myself to do better,” Triguero said.

Triguero already has big plans for what awaits him in the future. He is passionate about band and hopes to keep pursuing his musical talents throughout the school year.

Sophomore Alyssa Gamez believes pursuing something is a process.

“Pursue means to try your best and strive for your goals even if they seem far,” Gamez said.

Gamez is involved with the color guard team. She is determined to push herself harder to do the best  she can in order to succeed.

“In order to pursue my goals, I  have to focus on my goals step by step,” she said. 

Pursue can have a range of definitions at LHS. As you can see each determined student here has different goals in life to pursue. In order for us to pursue our dreams we must be able to understand that if we try our best our dreams can be made possible. With hard work and dedication we can make our dreams into a reality by pursuing our goals, starting at LHS.

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